By Leif Magnusson


Title: DOXA
Original title: DOXA
Director: Leif Magnusson
Cast: Pernilla August, Eva Rexede
Genre: Drama
Duration: 92 min
Language: SWEDISH
Country of origin: Sweden
Scriptwriter: Kristian Levring, Leif Magnusson
Cinematographer: Jens Schlosser
Production Company: Triangel Film
Producers: Mathias Nordborg
Production year: 2005
Executive producers: Kim Magnusson, Lennart Ström
Local release: 30-09-2005
Film status: Internationally Premiered

Sanna has recently broken up with her boyfriend. Her father is in the hospital and she's moving in to his apartment. The relationship between father and daughter has never been quite what you could hope for and in an attempt to get to know her father Sanna goes through his belongings In a drawer she finds obituary notices - several of her fathers fellow workers has died before their time As she begin her own investigation on the deaths she starts to suspect they are in some way connected to the factory where they all used to work Sanna gets possessed by the thought of finding out the truth and together with her friend Jessica she starts to fit the pieces together.