45 CM

By Annette K. Olesen


Title: 45 CM
Original title: 45 CM
Director: Annette K. Olesen
Cast: Sarah Boberg, Ken Vedsegaard
Genre: Short Film
Duration: 24 min
Language: Danish
Country of origin: Denmark
Scriptwriter: Annette K. Olesen & Charlotte Sieling
Cinematographer: Camilla Hjelm Knudsen
Editor: Camilla Skousen
Production Company: Zentropa Entertainments
Producers: Ib Tardini
Production year: 2007
Local release: 27-03-2007
Film status: Internationally Premiered

"45cm" is the personal space surrounding a person. It is a zone which insures our personal territory. Any meaningful contact with another person will be a trespassing of the 45cm. "45cm" is about a space. Two people walk toward each other in a hotel corridor. A man and a woman pass each other. They notice each other - it is possible that their personal space will be invaded in the very moment they pass each other. The film will explore the thoughts and emotions that are processed in a few seconds, when a person thinks of the possible invasions of personal space.